You Come First

We can’t deny that work is important, and we dedicate huge amounts of time to supporting our customers and providing our expertise. But at OPS we want you to know that our employees come first. We know that your family is one of your highest priorities. Regardless of how you define family, OPS offers benefits like flexible schedules and Parental Leave to help you spend more time with the people you love. We know that your career development is key to your personal success and our company's success too. We’re committed to recognizing and working towards your long term goals to help keep you motivated and inspired each day you come to work. We know that fun is fundamental! Providing you with opportunities to get out, relax,and bond with your fellow OPS employees is an important part of cultivating our team. These elements combined with open communication and strong employee relationships will help keep OPS’ company culture thriving for years to come.

Employee Growth
& Development

$5,000 Tuition Assistance

Learning is essential to career growth. Use your $5,000 allocation toward training, certifications, or graduate and postgraduate degrees.

Brown Bags and Tech Talks

Hosted by OPS employees, our Browns Bags and Tech Talks are a great opportunity to learn an overview of new technology.

Vendor Training

Need an expert? Attend a training on a specific technology or area of expertise hosted by vendors and local academic professionals.

Mentorship Programs

OPS can provide you with a mentor that meets your specific professional needs allowing you to grow your skills and achieve your career goals.

Promotions and Contract Moves

OPS will always work to provide you with new experiences, whether it’s management, corporate experience, or exposure to a new technical environment.

Wellness & Coaching Support

Growth can be challenging, especially when you feel there are roadblocks to your success. OPS now provides Life Coaching and Wellness support from our very own NBC-HWC certified coach to help get you where you want to be.

Make it Fun